What makes Merebel unique?

Merebel is a Blockchain based Masternode-Ecosystem for digital assets

First of its kind Masternode hedge fund

Merebel is a platform that allows to invest in different packages: MultiNode, Empty Multinode and Merebel Node which will give you daily rewards in Bitcoin through the Auto-Exchanger feature

The platform is excellent for generating passive income (Literally a beast)

Merebel (MERI) is the platform’s cryptocurrency in which you can invest in the “Merebel Node package” in the last 3 months the price has risen 360.4% according to coingecko, we must keep in mind that there are more and more features on the platform and the ecosystem is constantly growing, for example the team is working on “Merebel Mastercard” imagine in the future being able to receive your earnings directly to your card, we must also highlight that mining Bitcoin is becoming less and less profitable so investors are looking for other alternatives and Merebel becomes a great option

The Merebel team has done a great job choosing the currencies listed in this package as they have really delivered good results which is quite a positive thing for investors

As you can see the numbers don’t lie and we can see quite positive numbers

Diversifying into various projects reduces the risks

You can buy an empty Node and add some coins later (here you will find more variety)

Merebel is a unique investment platform since we can generate passive income for life (Being paid in Bitcoin) via Masternodes and with its features we can do everything on the platform. You can also recommend the platform to your friends and earn commissions (Not a ponzi, is not necessary refer to earn, just a plus)

Happy earnings at Merebel!

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .