What makes BetFury unique? Top Platforms Benefits

BetFury is one of the best DApps of the moment in which we can get too much fun and also generate a source of passive income

Betfury is a new age hybrid i-gaming platform

BetFury definitely is great since in a very short time has accomplished great things , the team works very hard which is why they offer us constant quality updates

Previously when a person gambled two things happened, he won or lost now BetFury gives us other possibilities in which simply by gambling we will be mining the Token BFG

Betfury Game Token

Max supply: 5B

Ticker (Abbreviation): BFG

Type: TRC20 Utility Token

Token Detail: https://bit.ly/3epLRrv

You must take into account that it is increasingly difficult to mine BFG this is divided into stages in which 25M BFG can be mined in each stage and after that the amount needed to mine the Token will increase, which indicates that the sooner we mine the Token will be a better opportunity to mine more of them

Once you bet and have mined at least 10 BFG you can freeze them and get dividends every 24h right now you will get TRON (TRON), BitTorrent (BTT) and Tether (USDT) but in the near future other currencies will be added like Bitcoin (BTC)

Keep in mind that the minimum bet is 0.10 TRON (TRX), something quite accessible

Also is good to know that there will be fewer and fewer Tokens thanks to the Auction in which the users place bids with BFG to earn a reward in TRON (TRX) basically the more they dispute more tokens will be burned

1st place — 50%

2nd — 15

3rd — 5%

4–10 places — will share 20%

10% goes to the next Auction round

This is very smart since there will always be less BFG so it will become a more valuable asset and it is something that works at the time of this article, more than 31M BFG have been burned

The dividend system is amazing since only 3% of the total pool is distributed every 24h something quite smart since it prevents that the pools diluting quickly , even the pools have been gradually increasing

BetFury offers us a great variety of games in which it is divided by In House / Slots / Table games and Live casino

In house

Offers games like:


Quite traditional games that everyone at least at some point we have played or someone talked about one of them


The slots is the presence of spinning reels with symbols on them in which to fulfill certain combinations we can win fantastic prizes, BetFury offers us a great variety of slots literally hundreds of them

Table Games

In this section we can find quite well-known games like the game of roulette, blackjack and even some funny scratches

Live Casino

In this section we can play games fully live which can make your gambling time even more interesting

BetFury is something unique since offers us a lot of fun added to various opportunities for example with:


In which each week will reward the 50 users who have bet the most on “Slots” something quite positive since encourages users to play and therefore more BFG tokens will be mined and it is possible that the dividend pools will increase

Referral system

If you have friends who like to bet you can recommend this incredible platform and benefit from it, it is great to have fun with your friend and together earn a extra passive income, personally thanks to this system I have earned more than + 5k TRON (TRX) with only 1 referral (Thanks to all the people who registered with my link)

Receive lifetime bonus 0,3% in TRX from pure winnings and 5% in BFG from their mined tokens in In-house games and 0,05% in TRX from total winnings in Slots

Daily Task

In this section you will find many activities in which you will be rewarded for doing them, one more way to encourage users to play some games they did not know or simply to set daily goals


BetFury really cares about its users which is why offers this cashback system in which will return up to 25% of the losses they have on the platform (The percentage varies depending on the rank of each user)

Rank System

The more you bet you will have a higher rank and you will be rewarded with new advantages and even directly with bonus in TRON (TRX)

Every time people talk more about DApps because are really great and I think BetFury will play a very important role in the near future (In a very short time they have created a fantastic fairly friendly community) and I’m glad to have been a part of this from the start we’re all so happy here

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Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .