What is VideoCoin?

VID are revolutionizing the massive video services market.

VID has been planned since 2017 but recently its cryptocurrency was launched which aroused the interest of several investors .

VideoCoin Network is a decentralized video encoding, storage, and content distribution system that turns all cloud-based video services into an efficient algorithmic market running on a new blockchain with a native protocol token.

Is a Video Infrastructure for the Blockchain

About the price VideoCoin (VID)

At the time of the realization of this post VID has not even 1 month in the market, even so was listed in KuCoin (One of the best cryptocurrency exchange) and this gave a positive reaction (Keep in mind that VID had a private sale) in which the price was higher than the current at the time of this post which is why I think the price could increase soon and the max supply is too small (265 M).



Personally I think that its a great project that has been planned for a long time and its characteristics make it even stronger I mean that VideoCoin is building an ecosystem that will facilitate the use of video streaming applications which will be profitable for developers since they can create Apps with VideoCoin (Remember that VID is an ERC-20 so there will be smart contracts) and possibly in a future DApps.

For the workers (Miners) this will also be great since miners earn VideoCoins by renting out storage, compute and bandwidth available on their systems, each mining operation is supported by a corresponding proof.

In a nutshell we can see that “Content Creators” can pay “Workers” to improve their resources and thus give better performance.

And of course for users in general this will be amazing the crypto world needs things that be really useful to us.

The VideoCoin Network

Next Generation Video Infrastructure

Is a decentralized network video encoding, storage, and content distribution system that turns all cloud-based video services into an efficient algorithmic market running on a new blockchain.

Video is responsible for over 80% of all internet traffic

Challenges of current Internet video infrastructure




Rising Costs

Benefits offered by VideoCoin Network

Lower Costs

Disintermediate market oligarchs

More Security

Enable New Applications

Leveraging the Blockchain

- Encoding and Storage

Encoding and Storage tasks are submitted to the VideoCoin Network along with encoder configuration parameters like bitrate, codec, and output containers format, along with an ASK price. Miners compete with other miner to win bid and provide compute power or storage space.

- Retrieval and Distribution

Retrieval and Distribution tasks are submitted to the VideoCoin Network along with CDN configuration parameters like geographical region and bandwidth. Miners compete with others to win bid to retrieve videos from storage miners and distribute it to end-consumers, like a CDN.

The VideoCoin Network is an API first video infrastructure built for video engineers to create next generation video streaming applications.

Livestream In Minutes

Distribute On-Demand Video

Blockchain VR Network

We can get up-to-date news and information on the blockchain industry with BlockChain VR Network (BVRN).

Utilizing VideoCoin Network technology, BVRN is partnering with the most important crypto influencers and content providers from around the world to bring blockchain to VR.

VideoCoin for Publishers

Propel the video infrastructure to the future

VideoCoin Network uses the Blockchain to completely revamp the way to create, store, encode and distribute content.

VideoCoin for Developers

Build the next generation of video applications

  • VLogger
  • PowerTube
  • Live Planet
  • SmartAds
  • FreeCast

VideoCoin for Miners

Installing the VideoCoin Software make that the unused compute power will be used in performing tasks in the VideoCoin Network and for that we will be rewarded.

VideoCoin for Data Centers

Resources on unused servers (inactive data centers) can become VideoCoin Miners.


At the time of the realization of this post there are not many details of the “Roadmap” but if we see the past objectives all were met something very good since we see that the team behind this project is responsible and does things as planned.

Team / Partners

The CEO of VideoCoin is Halsey Minor which has founded or co-founded large known companies with high value I think this person really knows what he does, so Im glad that VideoCoin have a good leader.

In general, the VideoCoin team has great skills and has participated in things related to the goals of VideoCoin.

We can observe that mainly as partners we find many investments firms among other companies something that is very amazing since although VID does not have much time in the market already aroused great interest in many investors.

VideoCoin looks like an excellent project since it offers too many advantages and is still the beginning, in the same way it offers incentives to the holders since VID will work with the Proof of Stake and I think it will probably come back to the price of the ICO (approximately 0.50 USD) if this happens we talk about what we would do more than 150% based on the price of VID at the time of this post and this can happen in short term so if we see in the medium or long term we can see many more profits but remember always do your own research and dont invest money that you cant afford to lose.

You can trade VideoCoin (VID) in KuCoin

VID — 0xbe7dbbf72ddb937863026df8ea61a190d31a5e3c

KCS — 0xbe7dbbf72ddb937863026df8ea61a190d31a5e3c



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