What is The Sandbox?

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

The Sandbox is a highly scalable project, more and more people are talking about cryptocurrencies, blockchain (At some point it will become common in our daily lives) and industries like “Gaming” are booming so doing a combination of this is a very good idea.

TheSandbox is set to be the Minecraft of Blockchain!

And this will have many benefits like Play2Earn

Play games, earn rewards
Build games, monetize them
Create assets, market them

The Sandbox gives us the possibility of give value to this new generation of online gaming! 🎮

The Sandbox Metaverse 🌎

The goal of the Metaverse in The Sandbox is to become a great content platform in which anyone can participate to offer fun to all.

In other words, the possibilities are endless anyone is free to create their own content.


For example with Atari LAND (A theme park like Metaverse will also include various Atari game titles)

The Sandbox and Blockchain Gaming 📚

The Sandbox has been involved with this industry for a long time and definitely knows how it works.

Have a very professional and active team (Personally I really like how they work) in the projects that I get involved I like activity and progress here is too much of that, they literally inform us of all the uptates on all social networks and even in Live Streams.

They know well what their goals are, progress has been very good and quite positive things come gradually.

Take a look at the roadmap and you’ll know what I’m talking about 😁

Imagine that some point you can enjoy of The Sandbox on other platforms such as consoles, mobile devices, this is really cool we are at a very early stage and you can become one of the pioneers of a new generation of online gaming.

Big brands like Square Enix (Video game developer company) are partners of The Sandbox, the world is changing and every time everything becomes more digital literally the age of the Internet.

What is $SAND? 🤔

$SAND is the Token that will be used in the ecosystem of The Sandbox

Ticker (Abbreviation): $SAND

Type: Ethereum ERC-20

Max supply: 3,000,000,000 $SAND

Being a finite Token, I personally think that its value will increase gradually Imagine that there will be more and more players on the platform so more users will seek to obtain $SAND so the demand will be high (Not financial advice) since I believe there will be more and more use of cases in The Sandbox ecosystem for $SAND such as:

Assets can be sold for $SAND
Rent your LAND and earn $SAND
Build Games and earn $SAND
Stake $SAND to earn $SAND and govern the platform
$SAND Liquidity Mining

What is LAND? 🤔

LANDs are a piece of The Sandbox Metaverse in which you will have the possibilit of monetize for example you will be able to charge $SAND to other users for visiting your LAND or you could even be creative to create something cool and put your LAND up for sale (The possibilities are endless)

A total of 166,464 LANDS will be available

Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721)

An ESTATE is the combination of multiple LANDs

VoxEdit 👩‍🎨

Using VoxEdit players can create or import their own voxel objects and convert them into ERC-721



Block Editor

Sandbox Marketplace 📊

Users will have the opportunity to monetize his creations

I really see a lot of potential in The Sandbox, are in a very early stage and should be on everyone’s radar.

Is an ecosystem where we can all participate from players, content creators, investors (literally everyone).



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