What is StakeCube?

StakeCube is the best Staking Pool created in June 2018 which offers several products with incredibles advantages.

Earn. Exchange. Deploy. Learn. Play.

As you could see at the beginning StakeCube has already some time working and unfortunately at almost the beginning of its launch has suffered 1 hack this may look bad but it is not since the team took responsibility for all this and returned 100% of the lost funds something quite positive and personally give me a very good impression I also want to highlight that the team has made its identity known unlike most other pools that remain anonymous.

This is not something that should be taken lightly since we are talking about investments and is not easy to trust in these times but I can say without a doubt that StakeCube is the best pool of the moment in my personal opinion.

And this is for several reasons like: True progress, honesty, stability, good liquidity (Volume) and logically because we earn a passive income.

Since if we do not earn money even when we sleep we will always be working for that I think that StakeCube gives us a unique opportunity.

Why choose StakeCube?

  • Automated and managed (All deposits, rewards and withdrawals are fully automated and instant).
  • No Requirements (An intuitive user interface to manage your coins, profits and activities makes it stress free, transparent and secure).
  • Community based (The community chose the next coins that will be listed).
  • Statics ( Most accurate and detailed stats for your positions).
  • They even have their own exchange integrated in the platform ( stake while you trade).

Really StakeCube gives many facilities to users and even better cares for its users, so it is in constant improvements and only lists the coins that are requested by the community unlike other pools that only care about how much money they will receive for the listings .


- Pool and Shared Masternodes

Get a piece of the reward cake. Even with a small amount of coins everyone can participate in the staking pool and our constantly growing shared masternodes.

- Exchange

Integrated exchange with own trade engine and the most unique feature: get rewards even for coins waiting in open orders to be filled — stake while you trade!

- Large-Cap Interest

Earn up to 12% interest per year — Enjoy your secure compounding passive income without any fees or commissions on BTC, LTC and DOGE. Instant and without lock-in periods.

- NodeCube

Deploay your own VPS — completely anonymous and with full root access. Install “Cold Nodes” automated and user-friendly without technical requirments on top of it.

- PoS Academy

Learn blockchain and cryptocurrency on your schedule. Courses, instructions and everything about PoS, Masternodes, Trading and much more accessible for everyone.

- Blockchain Service

StakeCube develop for you. Your own coin, payment integrations into your website or individual requirements. StakeCube also offer a swap service — easy and fast for developers and your users.

- Statics

Most accurate and detailed stats for your positions.


Access to stakecube data made easy — No limitations and super fast.

- GamePlace

Play games and have fun, win jackpots and challenge other users.

In summary:

We can participate with any amount and receive the equivalent of our investment.

We can sell our rewards in the Exchange integrated in the platform.

If you dont like the coins listed you could even earn up to 12% interest per year in cryptos like BTC, LTC and DOGE.

We can deploay our own VPN “Cold Nodes” automated and user-friendly without technical requirments.

Even StakeCube offers educational material for help users to understand more about terms like PoS, Masternodes, Trading and much more.

Offers more accurate and detailed statistics, something vital to know how our portfolio / investment is progressing.

Even have the option of giving the API without any limitations and super fast.

Also has games on the platform in which we can earn prizes.

At this point is clear why I think StakeCube is the best pool of the moment

Stakecube (SCC)

StakeCubeCoin (SCC) is the currency created to support and implement user-focused functions on the StakeCube platform.

Which has been too stable something that demonstrates the seriousness of StakeCube.

Coin name: StakeCubeCoin

Ticker: SCC

Masternode collateral: 1000

Block reward: 4–24 SCC

Masternode reward: 70%-90%

Staking (PoS) reward: 10%-30%

Total Supply: 18,000,000 SCC

At the moment of this post StakeCube have more of 27k Users, 45 Supported coins and 11 Team Members.

StakeCube is an excellent option to a generate passive income and use the products that offers even I think that the cryptocurrency (SCC) is also a good investment option but always make your own research.







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