What is SpartanProtocol? ⚔️

A protocol for incentivised liquidity & synthetic tokens. Swap BEP assets and earn yield! ✅

Spartan Protocol isn’t a ‘defi farm 🔍

It’s liquidity pools are for providing liquidity and a pricing mechanism for swapping, and later synths/lending/derivatives

The Spartan Protocol will be the first major liquidity project on the Binance Smart Chain. Supported both by Binance, as well the holders of tokens from 30 existing Binance Chain projects.

Spartan Protocol has one of the communities most united that I have seen which speaks very well of the project since the community is a vital factor and if there is great support, great things will be achieved together 🤝

Even Influential people are very bullish about SPARTA as @scoinaldo

Why choose Spartan Protocol?

300,000,000 SPARTA (Total Max Supply) to be honest it’s too small supply for the big project that is 🔥

$28,180,772 (Market Cap) currently a micro-cap which is a gem and its price could multiply several times 💎

No team tokens and seed/private sale tokens/airdrops wich gives us a healthy distribution and avoid premature dumps 🩸

Real progress 💪

Events and collaborations with other projects ⚔

Great reach (Being listed on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is a very positive thing) 🌎

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is in a very earlier stage, getting more and more users thanks to its advantages and the support of Binance including Binance Coin (BNB) reaching All Time High (ATH) and in general most of the Tokens BEP-20 from which we can see that Spartan Protocol Token (SPARTA) is in an early stage and growing rapidly as you can see in the image, the statistics are increasing in a positive way 📊

The protocol includes:

SpartanSwap — an automated-market-maker (AMM) protocol with liquidity sensitive fees and a common settlement asset

SpartanSynths — a mechanism for minting synthetic assets on Binance Smart Chain, anchored to strict and floating price feeds from other assets, needed to create derivatives and leverage

SpartanLending — a mechanism to borrow or lend assets (both real and synthetic)

SpartanDAO — a mechanism to govern the entire system and distribute protocol incentives

SPARTA — a single fixed-supply network asset that coordinates participation and incentivises capital formation for synthetics and lending

Numbers don’t lie and as you can see SPARTA is doing an excellent job 💯

Spartans, What is your Profession?

#RiseUp #BurningForSparta

Use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain (Guide):



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