It is a excellent pool to invest in cryptocurrencies (Easy to use where we can all benefit only by doing hold with your cryptos).

Earn profits by holdings cryptoassets.

Founded in December 2018 with license for wallet management and fiat exchange services.

Why choose MyCointainer?

  • Easy to use
  • It is regulated
  • There is no minimum investment or withdraw.
  • We find investment options with ROI stable unlike other pools that only worry about indivibutive benefits and charge to list any currency (Even if it is scam or it collapses, MyCointainer cares for its users.

How to open an account in MyCointainer?

Its very simple just follow these steps:

1.- Go to:

2.- Fill out the registration form, enter your email, write a password and repeat it (make sure you remember it) I recommend you save the data in a physical paper, then accept the terms and conditions in the same way it is advisable to accept that you receive the emails so be informed.

3.- Confirm your account in your email make sure you look in the tray of “Spam” and “All”.

How to invest in MyCointainer?

Its very simple just follow these steps:

1.- Once we register we will click on “Start Now” or “Invest”.

2.- We will click on “I have coins already” and we will choose the currency in which we seek to invest (For this moment we must have already purchased any of the listed currencies).

In the future, the option “I want to buy coins” will be available to acquire the coins on the same platform.

3.- Once we choose the currency in which we want to invest we will generate the “Generate address” wallet and we will make the deposit to it.

4.- When the deposit is credited we will be generating the corresponding profits.

You can click on “Assets” to see more information about the projects / cryptocurrencies listed.

Referral system

Keep in mind that to make your withdrawals (You must do a basic check).

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .

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