What is Merebel?

Merebel is a Masternode Hosting platform with unique features, the platform has been running since 2018 offering a quality service, every time implements more features so the investors can have a better experience and at the same time enjoy of their earnings

Merebel provide a robust system that allows investors to hedge their funds across several Masternodes

To understand the big potential of Merebel we must know more about Masternodes!

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode is a crypto full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining

This is nothing new, the pioneer of this was Dash, PIVX later (Most of the current Masternodes are PIVX Forks)

Masternodes are booming, more and more people are beginning to prefer this


  • Time Consuming and computationally expensive
  • Capital intensive infrastructure set up required to make it more profitable


  • Requires less electricity
  • Higher entry barrier results in less manipulated network

Everything sounds good, but with Merebel its even better!

You just need to do these 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose your type of investment: MultiNode, Merebel Node or a Empty Multinode
  2. Choose the package in which you want to invest (START NODE / SILVER or GOLD)
  3. Choose the fund source (The payment method in this case is with Bitcoin)
  4. Confirm
  5. Ready, enjoy your investment

The platform also offers the flexibility to get rewards in Bitcoins


Choosing this type of investment your funds will be diversified among various projects decreasing your risks while simultaneously collecting payments in Bitcoin for passive income and benefit from the increase in the value of the coins

Merebel’s team does extensive research before being listed any each of the projects listed in the MultiNode package to minimize investment risks and ensure that investors can enjoy their profits

ROI can always vary but at the time of this article is of more than 48% in the MultiNode perhaps this does not look so attractive to many investors but keep in mind that a moderate ROI will provide more stability in your investment and the asset tends to become more valuable to give an example investors who invested in package MultiNode a part of their funds was invested in Divi project which has risen in price more than 2000% in one year , which means that Merebel investors are having really good profits since despite the ROI being moderate, their funds are well invested and they can have a much shorter return thanks to the rise in the price of these projects

Projects listed in the MultiNode package:


Betting platform for crypto currency, fast deposits and withdrawals, anonymous bets, loss recovery system, affiliate referral system, best odds


Divi is the first, easiest, and only truly one-click masternode hosting solution


is a pioneer in Proof of Stake (PoS) technology and an MIT licensed, open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on achieving fungibility, transaction privacy, community governance, network scalability, and real-world utilization to become one of the most technically advanced globally-accepted online digital currency


Zcoin is a decentralized and open source currency that provides financial privacy enabled by the Sigma protocol


Teloscoin combines an open-source, decentralised blockchain with existing services as like AmiCloud and the indieGO-Appstore


StakeCubeCoin is the currency created to support and implement user-focused functions on the StakeCube platform


Energi is a self-funding cryptocurrency that has a purpose to reach the masses


Merebel is the native currency of the platform, the price depends on the Bitcoin value and investors of Merebel, there will be more and more features which will make MERI even more valuable

Merebel node

Choosing this type of investment your funds will be invested in MERI at the time of this article the ROI is of more than 59% being the currency of the platform becomes a great option, we must highlight that MERI has been too stable

Empty Multinode

Buy an empty node and add coins later

Choosing this type of investment you can:

  • Add your own coins to your Multinode
  • Buy and sell different Masternode shares for your Multinode
  • Deposit and withdraw coins for your Multinode
  • 1/20 different coins each Multinode | Up to you


The advantages of the master capital index:

  • No pump and dump possible
  • Price is fair and related to the real money invested
  • Fair growth by investors
  • Price depends on the Bitcoin value and investors of Merebel
  • Self-sufficient
  • Internal exchange process

This feature is a big major milestone in the Merebel vision of a self-sufficient automated financial technology investment ecosystem!


  • Advanced user can setup their own Multinode themselves
  • Advanced users can sell their multinode shares at any time with just few clicks
  • Buy new cryptocurrencies and transform it to your Multinodes without fee
  • Trade with your Multinode shares + earn passive income
  • Enable Auto-Compounding feature
  • Add your own funds and transform it to your Multinode
  • Masternode hosting for 1 year
  • Mastercard charger function

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .