What is Huobi Token (HT)?

The World’s Leading Crypto Exchange!

Why choose Huobi?

Huobi has been working since 2013 and always remained in the TOP 10 (Cryptocurrency Spot Exchanges) unfortunately recently was affected since China banned crypto and due this exchange was in this country didn’t have his best days, subsequently they made the decision to become a Global exchange, which they have done quite well and now they are more stronger

One of the most important points of an exchange is security, as a curious fact we can highlight that Huobi has never suffered a hack

Personally I see a lot of potential in HT and I think that in the next few years (5–7), could easily reach +100 USD

At the time of this article we find

HT price: 9.89 USD

Not financial advice but I really think that currently the price is too undervalued

Another interesting point is that they operate a deflationary system since they burn HT monthly with a percentage of the exchange profits, recently the burns have been greater each time since more and more users enter to the exchange and therefore the volume is greater, this is something quite positive and more if you see in medium-long term

But let’s talk about how to make good profits with our HT 💸

The answer? Primelist

Primelist is a new token listing platform on Huobi

In a few words, buy a Token at a very early stage so will be very cheap

To get into context these were the returns of the first 3 Primelists:

IMX — 5774% 💸

NGL — 4383% 💸

MONO — 2875% 💸

To participate in these Primelists, the first thing we have to do is register and complete the KYC ✅

Later we will find 2 ways to participate

  1. - Register via Queue

In each Primelist a number of users will be determined who will be able to invest 50 USDT then what will have to do is have these 50 USDT in their account and wait for the counter to finish, once you are in phase 2 you will be able to register (This option will not ensure your allocation) if you do not have enough capital to buy HT this option is very profitable since if you win the 50 USDT in its entirety will become to the new Token so you will have decent profits and sooner or later you will win with this option (In case of not being raffled you will not lose anything since your USDT will be returned to you instantly)

2.- Register via HT Holding

In this option you must have at least 300 HT (Your allocation is insured) keep in mind that not all the entire capital will enter, what I mean is that it is distributed equally in the last Primelist on average for every 50 USDT that you can put in, only 5 USDT will enter

My recommendation: Do not sell the Tokens the first 5 minutes since at the beginning you will not be able to place a sale order higher than what goes on the market (In the last Primelist the price goes directly in x10) after 5 minutes it doubles its price

Is quite easy to do a x20 in each Primelist (Then it becomes very volatile but at least we will always be in great profits based on the price at which we buy)

Let’s give an example of how profitable Primelists can be assuming the HT price at the time of this post (9.89 USD) and assuming that the minimum to ensure an allocation is 300 HT (2967 USD)

Based on making a x20 with the 5 USD that would enter in these sales (100 USD)

So if we participate in 30 Primelist and sell in x20 we would recover our initial investment (If you manage to get higher returns it will be in less time)

At the current rate it is very profitable since literally at the end of each Primelist they take another one instantly (4 Primelist per month)

If they continue at that rate it would be 48 Primelists per year, but let’s be conservative and assume only 30 Primelists on average per year which would give us enough to recover the initial capital

Huobi always has multiple events / activities in which we can benefit, we could even leave our HT in the “Huobi Earn” section earning 3% APY (I know it’s not much but even having your HT here they would still be valid to participate in the Primelist so it’s extra money)

My strategy will be to recover my initial investment and later apply compound interest to be able to participate with greater capital in these Primelists

Other exchanges “CEX” that make (pre-sales) and I see potential:

KuCoin — https://bit.ly/3Ef4BGp

Bybit — https://bit.ly/3dd5yTM

FTX — https://bit.ly/3fUdwmz

I would personally recommend to do your own research and give to Huobi a chance, happy earnings!



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