What is EarnBet?

EarnBet is a decentralized casino in which by playing we will win the token BET and will get dividends (BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BCH, XRP, BNB and WAX)

Get passive income for life !

EarnBet already has a few months running in its first version was with Ethereum (ETH), in the second with EOS (EOS) and currently with WAX (WAXP)

WAX is built by a team of veterans in the tokenization and virtual items space. The team has significant experience in consumer products (Disney), digital asset exchanges (IGE, OPSkins), and cryptocurrencies (Tether). Thanks to OPSkins, a massive virtual item marketplace, the team has deep inroads with the CSGO gaming community — a target demographic for EarnBet.

WAX will soon be porting all OPSkins transactions (2+ million per week) over to the blockchain. Skins gambling and marketplaces are a multibillion dollar industry.

Wax Benefits:

  • High-quality Block Producers
  • Free accounts for users
  • Emphasis on usability
  • Strong relationships with target user demographics
  • No REX
  • Ability to create EarnBet NFTs

About the price EarnBet (BET)

In my personal opinion I think that EarnBet has a lot of potential since the crypto world still at an early stage and EarnBet (BET) could be a good investment since Gambling is a booming industry.

EarnBet have great rivals but the crypto world is too big so thats not a problem and BET has great advantages such as :

  • Win the token BET by betting
  • Earn dividends for hold the token BET
  • Low supply 88,000,000 BET (deflationary)

Dividend system

BET Tokens grant you dividends each second. All game profit is distributed to token holders, so the more BET you own, the more dividends you receive !

The dividend system looks quite striking since we can take these even every second but realistically the return that it currently offers is not very large.

For example: 10k BET cost 310.52 USD at the time of this publication.

And if gave the same dividends for 1 year, it would give us USD 22.56.

Is not quite striking at the moment but if we see in medium / long term and we observe that there will be fewer and fewer tokens and if they do a good Marketing there will be more users and logically if this happens the profits would increase and the price of BET in the same way can increase.

EarnBet Benefits

  • System fully decentralized
  • EarnBet has aquired an iGaming License from Curaçao
  • EarnBet is 100% provably fair
  • Dividends
  • Events / Promotions
  • Quite accessible bets (0.01 USD)
  • No minimum deposit
  • Very low withdrawal rates

And much more

Current Games





You can participate in the “Jackpot” paying 0.1 EOS

More games will be added soon

Referral System / Events

The referral system is quite striking since it offers 0.10% of each bet for referrals, for life.

Regularly the team performs events like “Betting Competition” which is pretty good since it benefits everyone involved .

You can open an account with your Scatter wallet or by creating a user and saving the 24 security phrases.

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .