What is Dragonary?

Dragonary is a new Crypto/NFT game in which in this magical world you can get fun and be rewarded monetarily

Eduardo F
5 min readAug 12, 2021


Hatch your destiny

Play free

Dragonarys is a play to earn game, one of the first in which you dont need to make any type of investment (At the beginning of the game you will have 3 common dragons for free which can reach a maximum level of 20)

Your account your items

All rare or higher rarity items are NFTs which you can buy / sell in the marketplace for real monetary value

Generate income

The game is in an early stage at the time of this article to generate income we must get 1000 obsidian (In the “EMBERS” missions) and daily we will obtain an amount of CYT depending on the rarity of our account and the active players, later there will be more ways to generate how to dedicate yourself to the fusion of dragons, daily tasks, items and much more

Coinary Tokens (CYT)

This token is used as main token in the Coinary multiverse (Dragonary included)

16% of these Tokens were distributed through the ApeSwap platform where 11% was in the form of pre-sale “IAO: Initial Ape Offerings” and the other 5% would be rewarded to people who had GNANA stakes in the CYT pool this was a success, the initial price was 0.01 USD per CYT (Had an overbuy greater than + 7000% in BNB and + 2000% in GNANA) having an ATH on the first day of 0.8 USD (x80) the price at the time of this article is 0.26 USD

The maximum supply is 1B which will arrive in the next 10 years

They run a good deflationary system so if the game continues to make good progress, CYT could get a good value

The team

They are people with time in the crypto ecosystem and most of them are gamers. I personally had the opportunity to chat with the CEO (Alejo Chababo) and he seemed like a person who really knows what he does which gives me a very good sign for the future of this game, they also have a channel with more than + 100k subs on YouTube, they have offices and everything looks pretty good


Personally I think that always is good to join in a promising project early and in this case there are still many good things to come

Good investment, is it worth my time?

Just to talk a bit about numbers at the beginning you could buy 2 types of packs “FARMING STARTER PACK (20 USD) and MINING STARTER PACK (60) I personally acquired 3 of the MINING STARTER PACK in which they would position my account in a rare rarity

Which, on average is giving at the current price of CYT and the current distribution approximately a value of 20 USD, thats mean that in a little more than 1 week users earlier would be recovering our investment

As you can see, free to play users are not earning much at the current price of CYT but if the price starts to rise exponentially they could benefit too much in the future, this is just speculation and in the same way they could re-invest their profits trying to search improve the rarity of their account

Interesting things are coming for which I would recommend having the game on the radar

My recomendation (Not financial advice, just my opinion)

If you are looking to invest: You should wait until the dragons can be bought in the marketplace and when this be possible, make an estimate of how long it would take you to recover your initial investment playing the game (I personally think it will be in short-term) so I see it as a very good option to earn money and have fun

If you are looking to enter without investment: If you have free time, do it, the game is good and it really does not consume much time, you can even set the game to automatic and at x2 speed, and in the future what is considered “little earnings” could be a decent amount, this has already happened many times, we are in the crypto world :)



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