What is CoinEx Token (CET)?

CoinEx Token (CET) is the official Token of CoinEx ( value-added services and privileges scheme based on CoinEx exchange platform)

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3 min readJul 31, 2020

The Global Digital Coin Exchange

Issued in January 2018 from the beginning CET has been issued and circulated via airdrop incentives, transaction fee discounts, promotions and more

Max supply at the time of writing this article: 5,817,096,876.53 CET (Constantly changing) but in the future will be aprox 3B and gradually decreasing

CET Repurchase and Burning History

CoinEx burned the rest of the unissued 4 billion CET held by CoinEx Team on January 31, 2019 and have continuously repurchased extra CET from the secondary market

When the circulating supply of CET reduces to 3 BILLION, CoinEx will suspend the plan of CET repurchase and burning

Ticker (Abbreviation): CET

Type: Ethereum ERC-20

This is something interesting, cryptocurrency is the future of money and more and more users are interested in Trading (since is one of the most profitable ways to generate income) also CoinEx lists more projects with great potential each time, so offers a wide variety to its users. The CoinEx ecosystem is constantly growing and the current supply will almost be reduced by half in the coming years, so CET could be an excellent option

How to get CET?

- Referral rewards: You can invite new users to CoinEx and for each Trade that they make you will earn CET as a reward

- You can buy CET with the pairs: CET/USDT, CET/USDC, CET/BCH, CET/ETH and CET/BTC

- Earn CET at CoinEx events/ Promotions / Airdrops: I recommend following the official Twitter account to stay on top of all updates

Uses of CET

1.- Deducted as Trading Fees

2.- Gas for Decentralized Exchange “CoinEx DEX

3.- VIP services and Privileges

4.- You can generate a passive income with CET in ViaWallet

5.- Promotions

6.- Airdrop incentives

7.- Can also be applied to invest in or trade other coin/token assets

CoinEx plans to extend the usage and applications to scenarios such as payments



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