What is CoinEx?

CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provide launched in Hong Kong and founded in 2017 by Haipo Yang

The Global Digital Coin Exchange

CoinEx offers a very friendly interface, is very fluid, automatic transactions for deposits and withdrawals supported by world top mining pool, all your digital assets on CoinEx will be 100% reserved and won’t be used anywhere else, high security and many tools that make CoinEx one of the best crypto exchanges.

Deposit Fees: Free

Minimum Deposit/Withdrawal: This can vary depending on the currency but it is regularly from free to very affordable amounts

Built in wallet: Yes

Margin trading: Yes

Limits: $10,000 daily withdrawal limit or $1,000,000 monthly for basic verified accounts

CoinEx Token

Max supply at the time of writing this article: 5,868,849,037 (Constantly changing) but in the future will be aprox 3B and gradually decreasing

Ticker (Abbreviation): CET

Type: Ethereum ERC-20

Since its release CET has been issued and circulated via airdrop incentives, transaction fee discounts, promotions, team unlocking, etc; Meanwhile according to the value agreement of CET CoinEx will repurchase CET in the secondary market with 50% of its daily profits from transaction fees everyday and burn them at the end of each quarter.

Keep in mind that more than 4B of CET have been burned and buybacks are continued to burn more CET.

Burning TXID


When the circulating supply of CET reduces to 3B CoinEx will suspend the plan of CET repurchase and burning

CET Value / Benefits

Deducted as trading fees

VIP services and privileges

Promotional campaigns on CoinEx like token airdrop incentives, accelerator support, etc

Preinstalled token on CoinEx Chain (acts as gas) also can be applied to invest in or trade other coin/token assets

Every time are more and more functions in the CoinEx ecosystem which give more value to CET


CoinEx has a wide variety of potential partners like ViaBTC a world-leading cryptocurrency mining pool (Chinese mining pool that is responsible for a significant amount of the hashrate for many crypto networks) as interesting data we must highlight that Haipo Yang is also the CEO of ViaBTC so we can see that CoinEx is backed by large companies / partners

Currencies and payment methods

At the time of this post CoinEx supports more than 124 cryptocurrencies (All the cryptos supported by CoinEx can be deposited and withdrawn) and has more than 301 markets

Now you can buy crypto with Visa and Mastercard credit cards directly on CoinEx throgh the partnership with Simplex

CoinEx Services

  • CoinEx provides you with a simple and convenient way to trade one type of digital asset for another type of digital asset
  • CoinEx allows you to buy crypto with credit cards

Is CoinEx safe?

CoinEx definitely is one of the more safest crypto exchanges since it offers us:

  • Adoption of HTTPS (relies on encryption technology SSL or TLS to secure these connections)
  • 2-Factor authentication available for dual protection (offer perfect security and requires an extra step when logging into your accounts, it does make your data more secure online)
  • Cold wallet storage (Is the most secure way to store cryptocurrency)
  • Multi-signature strategy guarantee asset safety
  • Collaboration with world top security team provide full-dimension protection

Supported Countries

CoinEx accepts users from all countries in the world including EU, UK, US, Australia and Canada.

CoinEx now supports multiple languages and are providing global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.

CoinEx Limits

If you binding your account to a mobile phone

24h Withdrawal limit: 10,000 USD

Complete ID verification

24h Withdrawal limit: 1,000,000 USD

To increase even more the daily withdrawal limit, you need to contact support

CoinEx Fees

CoinEx Tx fees varies by different VIP Level and Market Making Level

VIP Level depends on CET holding while Market Making Level is based on trading volume. The sub-accounts’ data will be calculated into the main accounts.

CoinEx from the start has been constantly growing always ranking as one of the highest volume exchanges, offering us only quality assets, good support, fair rates, efficiency, safety and many more things that make CoinEx one of the best crypto exchanges.

We can give an example with: LBRY Credits (LBC)

Which is a project with a lot of potential, good capitalization, active and efficient team, friendly community and many other things that make LBRY a highly scalable project LBC is listed on CoinEx offering the highest volume rate.

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .