What is Biswap?

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%)

Eduardo F
5 min readAug 6, 2021

Biswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms

Why choose Biswap?

The lowest exchange fee 0.1% — The commissions are really low

Up to 100% Fee Return — Commissions spent are reimbursed up to 100% in BSW

5% from friends’ yields — Let’s suppose that your referral farms 100 BSW, well in this case you would earn 5 BSW thanks to him (There is even a way to distribute the profits and both win)

I personally see a lot of potential in BSW many competing platforms like “PancakeSwap” they do not have a current defliction system that causes more coins to be burned than are issued (At some point they will probably become deflectionary but at the moment the emission is greater than the burns with the competitors) likewise these usually will not have a max supply instead BSW has a max supply of 700M and a pretty cool defliction scheme

All the rewards from accounts with no referrer will be used for purchasing BSW tokens and burning them

50% of the trading fees will be used for token burning

We are still at a very early stage on this platform

Just by looking at the roadmap we can get an idea of ​​the potential and good things that await us

Personally, what I look forward to the most are the functions: NFT Integration, Gamification and Launchpad

All the plans are very good but these 3 personally I think stand out because now NFT and Blockchain games are really booming in the ecosystem (I think that in the same way these functions will have some deflicting scheme for BSW) and the Launchpads will bring in a lot of new investors and I think these will be quite profitable for them as Biswap has proven to be a quality platform so I would only expect to see quality projects here

I think that in the near future many users will start giving preference to Biswap since the functions encourage users a lot

At the time of this article we find

BSW price: 1.12 USD

Total Value Locked (TVL): +530M USD

Not financial advice but I really think that currently the price is too undervalued

Imagine how many swaps you have made (Many commissions) now think that if you use Biswap this commission will be credited instantly in BSW


Use your BSW tokens to earn more tokens

You can put your BSW to generate in a pool to obtain more of it or other cryptos (Currently offering very good APRs)


Biswap Farms offer multiple farming opportunities

In the same way you can add liquidity in the farms and in this way generate BSW (Even with Stablecoins is currently giving more than + 20% APR)

If you do not have enough capital yet, you can refer and in this way earn 5% of what your referrals generate

Personally, if someone uses my link when entering the platform, 50% / 50% profits will be distributed to give an example if you add liquidity in a pair of the farm and generate 100 BSW you will get an extra 2.5 BSW, I appreciate the support of all the people who use my link

The platform always offers competitions to incentivize users and as we could see in the roadmap there will soon be even more incentives

Personally I like the platform too much and the idea of ​​reducing the supply is great, to give an idea the more users we are active on the platform the more BSW will burn and we can all take decent profits at some point

Just to talk about numbers at the moment more than 300k BSW are being burned per week, imagine in a future where the platform be even better known I think that the burning would be much bigger and BSW would start to get much more demand

I would personally recommend to do your own research and give to Biswap a chance, happy earnings!



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