What is Billion Happiness?

Yield Farming, Staking and NFT Marketplace

Why choose Billion Happiness?

Billion Happiness is a very interesting project since is innovating combining booming industries like DeFi and NFTs in the same way have their own store in where a 3% is returned (cash back) in BHC and the profits from this sales are used to buy BHC which is quite positive for the holders

We must emphasize that there are 2 main tokens on the platform HPS and BHC which I personally consider gems, even the name of the platform is great “Billion Happiness Community” and it literally offers us this since in a simple way we can be generating a decent passive income so be part of this great project 😜

- Making Billion People Happy


Total Supply: 50,000 BHC

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HPS

As you can see in the image, both Tokens share functionalities such as: Staking, Farming, DeFi and be able to be exchanged but BHC focuses primarily in giving rewards / cashback for e-commerce store, be a store of value and have a fixed supply

HPS instead serves as a booster for BHC, used as NFT minting fee and it’s deflationary

In both cases its functions are very good, the supply is very small, we are at an early stage so we have a great margin of growth although personally I will focus more on BHC

At the time of this article we find

Total Value Locked (TVL): +2.3M USD

BHC price: 53.9 USD

HPS price: 1.13 USD

Where buy HPS and BHC?

ApeSwap — https://app.apeswap.finance/swap

HyperJump — https://bsc.hyperjump.app/

1inch — https://app.1inch.io/

LaunchZone — https://swap.lz.finance/#/

Hotbit — https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=BHC_USDT

JETSWAP — https://exchange.jetswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x6fd7c98458a943f469e1cf4ea85b173f5cd342f4

In the Emotion Pools section we can stake / provide liquidity to farm Tokens

In the NFT Marketplace section we have the possibility to buy NFTs and even create our own NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) hosted on the BSC network

The interface is quite striking and I even like to see things like Top sellers / buyers, really the NFTs are booming in the ecosystem so this platform can become quite used

You can verify your account which would give more seriousness to your work (Possibly more sales), there is also a system “royalty” in which when the NFT is resold 5–50% of this sale can be awarded to the creator of the NFT

Billion Happiness is acquiring new partners every time and becoming more known in the ecosystem, in the same way building a fairly united community and being a solid project, I believe that there is a great future for the platform and even more for both Tokens (HPS and BHC) since they are microcaps, so could give exponential profits

Not financial advice but I would recommend having this project on the radar, since is doing things well, the team clearly knows how the ecosystem works and they are growing more and more 🚀

Even the ecosystem of the project itself is growing and offering support, for example to teams, which is fine and as I mentioned previously they are becoming more and more known

I would personally recommend to do your own research and give to Billion Happiness a chance, happy earnings!



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