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Introducing blockchain based digital advertising.

Basic Attention Token is a cryptographic product, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Like other cryptographic products, transactions and accounting are transparent and managed in the public ledger. However unlike cryptocurrencies, which include Ethereum itself, BAT are not a currency, but a means to settle and manage accounts between the publishers content, the users attention and the advertising expense. Therefore it is considered a utility token instead of a cryptocurrency.


Brave was launched in January 2016 and BAT was announced a year later. In May 2017, the initial offer to sell chips worth 36 million dollars was a complete success.

  • In a initial coin offering on May 31, 2017, BAT sold 1,000,000,000 BAT for a total of 156,250 Ethereum (US $ 35M) in under 30 seconds. An additional 500,000,000 BAT was retained by the team for developer and user growth pools, which is used to promote the adoption of the platform.

About the price of BAT

To start is a Token which at one time millions of people can use it and talking only about the use in the browser, now if we touch the issue of people who use it to make trading, payments and other functions we can see more activity since it is in the main exchanges, wallets basically in the most relevant of the crypto world.

I mean that success is imminent for Brave and BAT so now the Token is at an accessible price (I estimate that in the next months at 2 years BAT will be worth 1 USD at least).

  • - If you bought BAT at the time of this publication (It would be more than 100% in net profits).

The Marketing they are doing (Brave Software Inc) is excelent does not exist any better than the community itself is giving promotion to said browser and Token (With incentives) through Brave Rewards | Creators.

They are against these great giants who take advantage of their users for an individual benefit so they decided to avoid using third parties.
In the same way in rewarding creators of content with their real profits not only with the profits they give them.

As mentioned earlier (BAT) is a Token that we should have in our portfolio but keep in mind that any investment has risks.

- Introducing a decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange based on Ethereum Blockchain.


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