Is CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) a good investment?

CoinEx is a global and professional digital currency exchange service launched in Hong Kong and founded in 2017 by Haipo Yang

Eduardo F
5 min readMay 17, 2021

The Global Digital Coin Exchange

CoinEx offers a friendly interface, is fluid, has automatic transactions for deposits and withdrawals backed by the most important mining group in the world, all your digital assets in CoinEx will be 100% reserved and will not be used anywhere else, high security and many tools that make CoinEx one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

About CSC:

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a highly efficient, decentralized public chain created by the CoinEx public chain team for decentralized finance.


  • Perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Extremely high efficiency and low transaction fees
  • Block producers don’t need permission

Since the plan on the CoinEx Smart Chain was announced, there has been a notable increase in the price of CET, for which a future positive reassessment is speculated at the time of the transition to CSC since it will offer more use cases

CSC allows us to participate both as a developer / user in a simple but efficient way

The CoinEx Chain Foundation launched CSC green support plan, inviting developers to create decentralized applications in CSC. Providing financing, technology, market and other support resources for outstanding projects.

Which is very good news since in this way it encourages developers to create DApps in the CSC, the more uses the CoinEx Smart Chain has, it will be reflected with a positive impact on the price in terms of supply and demand.

A point to highlight is that the CET Token has a deflationary scheme in which CET is re-purchased in the secondary market daily with 50% of CoinEx earnings from transaction fees and these Token are burned every month, which means that there is less and less CET in circulation, as it becomes scarcer, the price tends to rise

Previously, it was planned that upon reaching the outstanding amount of “3b of CET” the buy-and-burn plan would end but CoinEx decided to listen to the community and continue said plan which when the objective of “3b of CET” is achieved. ”, 20% of the revenue from tariffs will continue to be used for the re-purchase and burning of CET

In other words, it will literally become more scarcer every time

As you can see on the screen, in the last month more than 64M CET have been bought back, which will be burned.

At the time of this article, the capitalization is just over 526M USD, so we see that there is still a great margin for growth

Another of the most notable cases of CET is that it is used to pay commissions in your Trading operations, which encourages you to own more in order to reduce the fees, which if paid in CET will still be lower

In the same way, incentives have been offered from the beginning, the most notable lately has been the Airdrops format, which requires as requirements at the time of this article:

  • Have 1000 CET (125 USD at the time of this article)
  • Having activity on the “Trading” platform in the last 6 months

Personally with the last 3 Airdrops in which I have participated I had a profit of more than 40 USD that is the equivalent of 1/3 of the investment with 1000 CET which is great since all this was in less than 1 month, personally I speculate many more ways to win with the Token and even more when there be only 3b CET, but this is just speculation

More and more incentives for CET holders like this activity:

Lock & Stake CET to mine 500,000 ONES

With a pretty decent return (500,000 ONES = 1.4M USD)

CoinEx from the beginning has positioned itself in one of the 50 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, so I would recommend giving it a try if you are not in it yet.



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