Dont miss this Airdrop — No Investment Required!

Earn Alliance is the largest web3 gaming site in the ecosystem and soon will launch his Airdrop with the “Token ALLY”

Eduardo F
3 min readOct 19, 2023

There are many ways to earn Tokens but in this case we will focus on how to obtain the maximum potential profits

1.- Every 24 hours you can claim a free chest which will directly give us Ally Tokens, NFTs, tickets or gold (You can see this chest in the “WALL” option which you will find easier in the mobile application)

2.- In the “Badges” tab we can do some very easy tasks which will reward us with badges that we can mint as NFT (A very small commission is paid in MATIC, less than 5 cents) these badges will give us gold weekly, as a tip I recommend accumulate the maximum number of badges possible so you can earn a lot of gold weekly and exchange it for chests (possibly these NFTs will have a high value in the future as the platform continues to grow)

3.- In the “Rocket Launcher” tab you can also do tasks which will reward you with various rewards from the game you are doing tasks (Possibly at some point you will win an NFT that has a high value either instantly or in the near future)

4.- In the “Bounty Drops” tab you can level up your drops with your Tickets to obtain a greater amount of Ally Tokens (15% of the supply will be distributed here so try to accumulate the greatest number of good level drops)

5.- In the same “Bounty Drops” tab you can claim some free drops if you are an active Discord user and it will also reward you if you are an active Steam user

6.- You can also earn through referrals (We both win if you register with my link and of course I would appreciate it too much)

I hope this information has been useful to you and you accumulate many NFTs and Ally Tokens!

Ally Token may possibly be listed on one of these exchanges that I recommend:

20% commission discount for life

10% cashback of commissions spent for life



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