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The vision of numerous blockchain experts focused on developing.

How to use TRONTOPIA?

  • Download the extension : TRONLINK
  • Create your wallet (Dont forget your password or your security phrases)
  • Once logged in through the extension, TRONTOPIA will give you access to your account
  • Bet, play, and earn dividends


Ultimate Dice

Ultimate dice is a fully on-chain Dice with advanced features.

You can place main bets with a minimum of 50 TRX and with a maximum chance of winning of 95%

You can also play the “Side Bet” mode with a minimum bet of 10 TRX

ODD / The number must be odd / Win chance : 50%
EVEN / The number must be even / Win chance : 50%
YIN / The first digit must be more than the second / Win chance : 45%
YANG / The second digit must be more than the first / Win chance : 45%
BANG / The first number must equal that the second / Win chance : 10%
ZERO / The number must be 0 / Win chance : 1%

Classic Dice

Classic dice is a retro 8bit style dice with classic under /over betting, minimum bet is 10 TRX

Games like the “Lucky One Max” will be released soon

Don’t forget to authorize Tronlink to interact with the smart contract, you can also authorize until the next login.



Every bets placed on Trontopia allow you mine to mine “Topia”.

You can freeze your Topia to participate in the Dividend rewards or sell them on the market.

There is a 24h period when you unfreeze your topia.

If you have frozen your topia for a longer time your reward will be greater. (In case of unfreeze the counter will return to 0)

Day 0–30: Receive 75% >> Bronze tier
Day 30–60: Receive 85% >> Silver Tier
Day 60+: Receive 100% >> Gold tier

Max supply: 100 M

In the future a burn mechanism will be implemented to reduce that supply

Topia Address: TGpP9GPsjyq2yo4WrwSJvqYwqZLKRnSzE8


In the same way as topia, every bet on Trontopia will also mine vouchers.

You can burn them for Topia Shares for the moment, and other use cases will be added in the near future.

Max supply: Unlimited


Diamonds is the most recent TRONTOPIA, token, rare and difficult to get

There was an initial sale of Diamonds, and it was a real success.

Sale info :

Round 1: 625 TRX
Round 2: 875 TRX
Round 3: 1125 TRX
Round 4: 1375 TRX

All Diamonds were sold in a short time (Truly amazing)

There will always be dividends for diamond holders, you can freeze and unfreeze them without time limit.

Diamonds allow you to earn dividends, Half of the house edge of Trontopia goes to diamond holders.

It’s a “guaranteed” dividend system as the diamond pool can’t go negative and a portion of every bet is raked to the diamond pool.

Diamonds are also tradable and the the supply is extremely low so it may have a greater value in the future.

Max Supply: 20958.87

Diamonds Address: TXpSN9vd4VnSz8xvMhH7iabVaEtgWnfNiG


You can earn 1 Share for every Voucher that you burn

Shares are tradable and can instantly freeze/unfreeze

By freezing you can earn TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens such as : BTT, TWX, IGG and USDT

Max Supply: 1B

Shares Address: TV9NKspnuMVKzhx2LgViHhgmGhfbGFd8FN

You can check that all games are “provably fair” and input your own seed

TRONTOPIA is great, has a strong team, and there are still many things to come (Its just the beginning)

Bet and invest money that you can only afford to lose

TRX — TLH2BkWZ834jp6CveUJe5QqGd9eUmP1bqn



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