7 Reasons to choose ESBC

ESBC became my favorite cryptocurrency

1.- True Progress

This is something vital in a good project since without notable progress the project would lose interest.

Website: 25 August 2018

Website: At the time of the realization of this post

Platform: 14 November 2018

Platform: At the time of the realization of this post

Wallet: 15 August 2018

Wallet: 27 October 2018

Wallet: 2 November 2018

Wallet: At the time of the realization of this post

These are just a few examples of the progress that ESBC are making but there have really been more progress than these examples such as changes in the logo, distribution of reward blocks, updates, among other things.

2.- Honesty

Many projects offer great promises but unfortunately many times these are never fulfilled, instead ESBC fulfills its objectives.

Each objectives of the roadmap it was achieved successfully (in an intelligent way), I mean that for example the listings in exchanges were little by little in order to have control in the market and avoid a premature dump as usually happens with other new cryptocurrencies, the same for listings in pools among other things.

3.- Stability

ESBC is one of the most stable masternode projects, something really surprising since regularly in masternode projects when rewards decrease the price of the cryptocurrency usually falls, well this is not so surprising ESBC is a great project logically its value should not go down this must go up.

As you can see in the first image we can see the great stability of ESBC pair USD and BTC, in the second image we can see that if you had invested in ESBC at the end of January of this year and make hold until the moment of this post you would have already taken more than 200% of profits (keep in mind that by working with masternodes / staking you generate a passive income so the profits would be higher) and we can see that other projects with a similar focusing had notable losses (I do not say that those projects be bad is simply a comparison and the numbers not lie).

4.- Passive income

ESBC works with the Masternodes / Staking so you can earn a passive income

Masternode Bronze — 5k ESBC

Masternode Silver — 25k ESBC

Masternode Gold — 50k ESBC

Masternode Platinum — 250k ESBC

By this way you can directly support the project and generate a passive income when setting up a masternode or if you do not have enough coins for a masternode you can hold your coins in your wallet and participate in the staking.

5.- In ESBC we are a family

ESBC is a cryptocurrency that seeks success for everyone and not only for a few, unfortunately some projects the team is the one that seeks to make great profit and make “scam”, disappear and repeat the process, with ESBC it is quite the opposite we really care by our investors and we seek to have a healthy distribution.

On more than 1 occasion ESBC assumed responsibilities that did not belong directly to ESBC for example there were hacks in pools “CryptoHashTank” and “Benodes” and when being affected ESBC users Tony assumed the responsibility, returning their ESBC to the affected users .

6.- Good liquidity (Volume)

Having a good liquidity is very important because if a person needs to withdraw money in this case selling ESBC can do it without problems, unlike other cryptocurrencies which have no liquidity and in case they want to sell they should wait a long time or even in some cases the order will never be executed.

ESBC cares about the exchange (markets) so will always be found many purchase orders with small differences of 1 satoshi.

7.- Healthy Distribution (Supply)

ESBC have a good healthy distribution and every time we have new users that are ESBC holders ,logically there will always be people who will have more than others but in this case ESBC always distributes for example through rewards to the users who support the project.

Is important to have a good distribution and in this case the biggest ESBC holders are the team members and investors (long-term), so we shouldn’t worry about dumps.

Curious fact: At the time of the realization of this post ESBC has been stable for 9 months to the BTC pair and logically in the USD pair in the same way

There are many other good reasons to invest in ESBC these 7 just are a couple of them, but always before making an investment do your own research and never invest money that you can not afford to lose.

ESBC is a great project, I was an investor from almost the beginning and I can say without a doubt that we make the best effort.



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Eduardo F

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