“The main goals of 1X2 Coin” was to serve as the cryptocurrency that be used by partners, the development of worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency and for the rapid transfer of funds and payments within the platform

It definitely looked good, but this time goes into the saying “too good to be true”

This project worked since 2018 but in February 2019 they began to make themselves known with advertising mentioning that the current price was 0.15 BTC per Masternode (1000 1X2) and many people was interested in this since their goal was that had a value of 0.45 BTC per Masternode so they basically said to make a net x2

Keep in mind that at that time the Masternodes were booming and BTC had dropped to less than 4K USD which is why for many people was affordable to invest 0.15 BTC in hopes of earning much more. We must also highlight that in 2019 Bitcoin came to exceed 10k USD and ended the year with a worth of more than 7k USD

Everything looked good since the project had good funds and the time favored them but unfortunately there was something wrong the price from the beginning just fell more and more is normal that the price to drop in a Masternode project when is new because it has a higher ROI, but it is not normal to always go down. In my personal opinion I think that these people from the beginning were scammers, it was always the plan but they kept working on the project to continue capturing interest and playing with their community and in this way they could continue to generate a great source of income since surely they sold their coins and that’s why the price was falling always

They from the beginning had a decent amount and it may seem little but keep in mind that the Max Supply of this crypto is of 21M

1X2 Pre-mine: 180000 1X2 (0.85%)

This really is a shame the project had funds and the trust of its community they even had an active community of bettors but unfortunately they literally just wanted to win them and nobody more

When the price was low in 1x2 they tried to defraud again by making the same Token but in the Ethereum network I mean an ERC-20 Token

This Token was attractive to some people since apparently they said it was something similar to PoS and depending on the amount that you hold will get a monthly percentage

Soon after they started another scam “3-IN-1 CASINO INVESTMENT PACKAGE” in which users would get weekly dividends in BTC, daily staking and Masternode rewards

Finally a month before making 100% scam and disappear offered an extra ROI if you owned more than 10 Masternodes which could encourage some investors to buy more Masternodes since we take into account that at that time the price of 1x2 was more accessible and let’s say that someone had 7 Masternodes so if he bought 3 more they would earn 25% more and surely he would buy

This was just a summary I don’t want to write much about 1x2 because it doesn’t exist anymore but this is really a disappointment, there will always be people who seek to take advantage of others no matter what, this was a clear case since they tried to steal every possible penny without mercy

If you was a bettor or investor of 1x2 is because you like these types of platforms or you see potential so I want to recommend the project ESBC because has true progress, is honest, is one of the most stable masternode projects, works with the Masternodes / Staking so you can earn a passive income, have good liquidity, healthy distribution and at ESBC we are a family

ESBC was one of the 3 highest performing Masternode projects in 2019

Only an enthusiastic boy in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies .